Sex was beautiful, you got a magnificent orgasm, however, lying in his arms, realize that you really feel bad: it’s sick and your soul. Why this happens and what it says, writes Cosmopolitan. More often, we buy Addyi drug and pay much more attention to sex itself than to what happens after.

If you are faced with a feeling of sadness and a strange feeling of loneliness after an act of love, you should not worry about Addyi for women. This phenomenon is called post-coital exhaustion. As a rule, it is characterized by oppression, anxiety, and sometimes aggression after sex.

“The last time I broke down in tears was after having sex during a holiday romance, which I honestly didn’t really want it. Sex was consensual, but suddenly, my instinct literally screamed inside. I had to ask him to stop before the tears came,” said one of the women interviewed by the experts. According to the research published in the Sexual Medicine journal, 46% of the 230 women surveyed admitted to having had similar price of Addyi.

2% of all women experience it constantly. “It’s not something out of the ordinary. And not necessarily this emotion is generated by past trauma or regret,” said sexologist-consultant Denis Knowles, adding that sex provokes hormonal bursts: endorphins, oxytocin, and prolactin. Orgasm releases a lot of hormones, their level reaches a high mark, and then inevitably comes a recession, which causes a sense of loneliness and devastation. It is also worth considering that people feel sadness differently.